How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity In The Fashion World? Here Is All You Need to Know!

How Chrome Hearts Became The Hottest Streetwear Trend!

How Chrome Hearts Became The Hottest Streetwear Trend!

Chrome hearts has been making all the rage this season, and honestly, we are up for it.


The Chrome Hearts brand has appeared everywhere in 2021, whether it be a highlight track for Lil Uzi Vert's Eternal Atake, lyrics for Gunna and The Weeknd, or Kylie Jenner's Instagram. A luxury brand originating in Los Angeles, on the other hand, is neither a newcomer nor just the newest brand. With a diverse product line that includes leather, eyewear, jewelry, and home products, Chrome Hearts has been part of the biker lifestyle for nearly three decades.

Discovered back in 1988 by leather producer John Bowman and Richard Stark in a Los Angeles garage, Chrome Hearts is still succeeding in being the topmost choice for the big names of various industries and the young generation.

Chrome Hearts is Virgil Abloh's favorite brand, and it's more than clothes. Chrome Hearts has sold leather and hardwood furnishings for decades and has dealt with a variety of materials. Its trademark pieces are undoubtedly trucker hats decorated with gothic letters and leather crosses stitched into jeans worn by major artists like Drake and Offset. 

While Rihanna, Bella Hadid, Billie Eilish, and James Corden continue to make statements by wearing Chrome Hearts, you can too.

Here Are Our Top 5 Chrome Heart Picks For You

 How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity The Fashion World?

1.    Chrome Cross Rhinestone Hoodie


A basic black hoodie is a must in everyone’s closet, be it a girl or a boy. But what’s more appealing is that this has a black hoodie with rhinestones in the shape of a cross. It adds a little style and design to a plain hoodie.


Pair it with our chrome cross rhinestone joggers or just put up a pair of jeans; it will look good nonetheless.

How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity The Fashion World?

2.    Chrome Hearts Cross Denim Jacket


Just like a nice pair of jeans, a good denim jacket is essential. But what’s better than a denim jacket with embroidered crucifix details covering it? Well, nothing! 

Now that cross hearts is the fashion statement these days; you have to have this denim jacket to leave an impression on you fellows.


How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity The Fashion World?

3.    Chrome Hearts Cross Bracelet


Girls are always in need of trendy, high-quality, and unique pieces of jewelry to add oomph to their overall outfit look. However, it's not always an easy task to find an ornament with all the qualities together.

But guess what, look no further. If you are into silver jewelry, then you are totally sorted with chrome hearts cross bracelet. A unique, stylish armlet made with stainless quality. Also, the price is pretty amazing, what else do you need?


How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity The Fashion World?

4.    Chrome Hearts Rhinestone Cross Shorts


It’s about time you ditch the boring, basic shorts and pull out an eye-grabbing outfit by wearing chrome hearts rhinestone cross shorts.

Men need to dress up too. All you need with these black rhinestone shorts is a basic shirt, and you are good to go.

How Has Chrome Hearts Risen In Popularity The Fashion World?

5.    Paint Cross Chrome Hearts Sweatshirt


If there is one thing we all can live in forever, then that has to be the sweatshirt, undoubtedly.

With an option of choosing between grey and black, you get to add statement sweatshirt that allow you to be comfortable while looking trendy.

If you are a crazy fan of Chrome Hearts and want to get yourself entertained and covered with its magnificent products, then Streetgarm should be your first and last stop. Streetgram has a wide variety of scores of products that can keep you interested for a long time. Go get these products and keep rocking.



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